Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

The only question a good man ask himself again and again why bad things happen to good people only, why don’t bad things happen to bad people too whenever he/she watch/see/listen any bad thing happens to anyone or even on himself. In this article, we will try to explain why bad things happen to good people. 

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

I’ve found that when most people ask why bad things happen to good people, there’s a hidden personal pronoun in it.

It’s an accusation we bring to God, sometimes because we don’t understand, but most usually when we are experiencing an acute pain in our life like a relational hurt (break up with partner) a physical problem like (illness) maybe even more painful circumstance, like being falsely accused, blamed, fired.

You get the idea.  Now, let’s take an example, the death of a young child, and see if together we can’t make better sense of why bad things happen to good people.

Why would God allow that?  Why would God allow a child to lose his/her little life?  If we image from God’s perspective, that child life is not lost. God is able to restore to that child their life, so no loss is suffered on the part of the child.  Life is not lost to the One who can restore it. Understand?

But what about the pain that parents and family experience by losing their child? In our loss, the presence of God is available for us to experience His strength, His comfort, His sustaining love and assurance in the face of the evil that exists. God sustains those who grieve for those He calls to Himself.

What about the skeptics, who wonder how a loving God could allow such a thing I mean to say why bad things happen to good people?  The taking home of a child to be with God can awaken in the most hardened of skeptics the moral reality of God. If we ask God “How could you God?”, it presupposes a moral authority who chooses the “hows” of life, the “hows” that it works by.

So whether it’s the child, family or skeptic…all have a witness of the reality of God.  The existence of evil points to the reality of a God who can overcome even the bad.

Our hope is that in asking this question why bad things happen to good people, you will find his the comfort of his presence breaking through the hurt to reveal the love of his son Jesus right where you are.

Final Word:

We hope now you understand why bad things happen to good people. See, nothing happens without God’s plan. Even in the bad thing, there is something good. God can never hurt their child. We all are his children, he can’t see tears in our eyes, but sometimes we get so much angry by the bad incidence happens with us that we start blaming God and asking him why bad things happen to good people why don’t bad things happen with bad people. I hope now you understand our perspective on this topic. If you like our article, share with your friends and ask his opinion on this topic.


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