How To Say No To Your Boss For Extra Work (Politely)

We should learn to say “NO” to our boss. We work for him/her that doesn’t mean we are a servant of him. If we work for him, he starts understanding that whatever I say to him, he would do it after all I’m paying to him. He/she doesn’t understand our situation, he just wants his work to be done at any cost, if you want to learn how to say no to your boss for extra work, just be with us and we will tell you best way on how to say no to your boss.

So, basically, today in this article we will try to help you by letting you know how to say no to your boss, how to say no to your boss for extra work, how to say no to your boss without getting fired, how to say no to your boss politely, how to say no to work requests and many more queries are going to clear.

How To Say No To Your Boss For Extra Work

We will try to give you the best way to say to your boss for extra work, just read these best reasons to say no to your boss.

Prepare Your Reason

If your boss has asked you to do extra work just tell him/her some personal reasons like:

  • You have another work at home like childcare or you have booked a holiday.
  • If he is asking you to do this reason, just say him/her, you still have a heavy workload and you can’t do it now.

Say Early

If you know that you can’t do that work then don’t wait until the last moment to inform your boss. If you don’t want to do that work, just say ‘No’ to him/her at the starting of the time when he offers you that task. When you say “No” to him, he will look for another method of getting his job done. Make him understand your situation.

Be Honest

If you have some personal work, talk to your boss. Making always fake excuses can create doubt in your boss mind. So, if you have some personal reasons not to do boss extra work, just share that thing with your boss. Your boss will understand you and your honesty will make him understand.

Approaching Your Boss

Before you approach your boss to talk you should determine a convenient time for your boss. Follow these steps to get in touch with your boss:

  • Talk to your boss alone
  • Choose the best time to talk to your boss, don’t disturb your boss when your boss is busy with their work.

Final Words:

We hope you like our list of how to say no to your boss for extra work if you think your boss is giving you extra work in same salary package, just say him/her “no”. If you don’t know how to say no then just try these methods and see the magic, you will definitely learn to understand your boss mind. If these methods on how to say no to your boss for extra work helped you or if your best friend is tired of doing boss extra work then just share this article with him. By the way, we update our list on how to say no to your boss for extra work after a couple of days by doing searching on the web so don’t forget to visit us back or you can also bookmark our page. Work hard till you get what you are looking for.

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