The sculptor of the Constitution, the pioneer of equality, the nation’s first legal minister, and the greatest man the nation has ever known.B.R. Ambedkar. Every year on April 14, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanthi is commemorated. Ambedkar Jayanty is observed annually in schools, colleges, government offices, and private businesses to honor his contributions to a variety of fields, including India’s law and order, the eradication of untouchability, citizens’ fundamental responsibilities, equality, and education.

Dr. Bhimarav Ambedkar was born in Mow, Madhya Pradesh, on April 14, 1891. In 1908, he successfully graduated from Elphinstone High School. Economics was studied at Columbia University in the state of New York.

Columbia received a doctorate in Vivied economics on June 8, 1927. He initiated the fight against caste discrimination and untouchability.

The Jayanthi celebration is April 14 every year

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In 1920, B.R. Ambedkar published the publication Dumbled. He was designated the nation’s first minister of law. Ambendkar was the chairperson of the constitution’s proposal committee. He is known as the sculptor of the Indian Constitution for his immense contribution to that country’s enormous constitution.

Ambedkar passed away on December 6, 1956 at his residence in Delhi at the age of 65. Ambedkar pledged at the 1935 Youth Conference that he would not be in Tanu Hinduism, that he was born in Hindi, but would not perish in Hindi. Ambedkar was posthumously awarded the ‘India Gem’ award in 1990.

Amazing messages delivered by Ambedkar

  • The ultimate objective of the human race should be the development of the intellect.
  • Those who neglect the past cannot create the future.
  • Long must be inferior to living life.
  • If I knew the Constitution was being exploited, I would be the first to torch it.
  • Law and order are a narcotic for the political apparatus. If the political organism is ill, there must be a remedy.
  • Be informed and organized.
  • Education is equally essential for both males and women.
  • Knowledge is the foundation of every person’s existence.
  • Nothing in the universe is worthwhile except for great endeavors.
  • If one is liberated from the intellect, they are truly free.
  • Instead of aspiring to be good, endeavor to be good.