On Wednesday, the police said that they had discovered a clandestine armaments factory in the Ikauna neighborhood of this city and had detained three persons in connection with the investigation.

According to them, the plant was located in the Madheynagar neighborhood where it was operating. Ram Dayal, Dinesh Yadav, and Rinku Vishwakarma were named as the individuals who were taken into custody.

Unlawful arms factory seized in Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh

In Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh, police found and shut down an illegal arms plant 2023 2

Superintendent of Police Prachi Singh stated that the factory was raided on Tuesday and that equipment, ammunition, and firearms that were created in the nation were taken from it.

These include Gangsters and Goondas Act charges.

She stated that Dinesh Yadav was the brains behind the operation and that there are now 30 cases of a serious nature pending against him in Bahraich and Shravasti. These charges include those brought under the Gangsters Act and the Goondas Act.

According to the SP, there is a strong possibility that the guns would have been utilized in the urban local body elections.

According to the officer, a thorough investigation is currently being conducted.