George Russell and Carmen Mundt are one of Formula One’s most notable couples. Mundt is frequently spotted with the Mercedes driver in the paddock, and he enjoys supporting him through the most difficult obstacles.

In her most recent Instagram photo, however, she appears to be in London and not Melbourne for the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix. Nonetheless, this does not prevent their passion from progressing.

Mundt published a series of photographs with the caption “Work, regularity, and the most beautiful flowers” on Tuesday. The last two photographs in the post were of a bouquet, leaving admirers to speculate if Russell had sent them.

Viewers are smitten with George Russell and Carmen Mundt’s relationship.

From the photograph released by Mundt, it is evident that Russell’s apartment number is likewise 63, the same as his Formula One car number. Even a fan noticed and remarked, “Literally addicted. And she’s in apartment 63, the same as George’s.”

Then before their flat door was a bouquet of “the most exquisite flowers,” according to Mundt. Fans speculated in the comments that they were likely delivered by Russell, who is now on the opposite side of the globe.

One may, however, choose to assume that Mundt could buy herself flowers. Yet, based on the image uploaded online, they appear to have been delivered by courier. Who could be so keen to make Mundt feel so exceptional? The solution is apparent.

The Aussie tour appears to be difficult.

Since Mundt is back in the United States, it looks Russell will confront his troubles in Australia alone. Mercedes’ 2023 campaign has not gotten off to a good start, as they lack the speed to overcome Red Bull.

Even Aston Martin appears faster, limiting the racing potential of Russell and Lewis Hamilton. After viewing the results of the first two races, the crew is already pessimistic about their championship chances.

Russell believes that Red Bull will win every single race this season. On the other side, Hamilton has described the RB19 as the most dominant F1 vehicle ever.