In light of the fact that the film “The Kerala Story” contains offensive language, the Supreme Court has decided not to entertain a plea that requested a stay on the film’s distribution.

The bench consisting of Justice KM Joseph and Justice BV Nagaratna was informed by senior attorney Kapil Sibal and another advocate Nizam Pasha that the trailer for this movie, which would be published the following Friday, had received 1.60 crore views.

'The Kerala Story' must come out: SC 2023 2

The release of ‘The Kerala Story’ is inevitable: Supreme Court

According to Nizam Pasha, this movie is a dangerous kind of propaganda that spews hate speech. There are a variety of forms that hate speech can take. This movie has been granted a certificate by the censor board.

As a result, it is not appropriate to file this under “personal speech.” While speaking to the attorney, the judge on the bench said, “If you want to challenge the release of the film, you should challenge the censor certificate at an appropriate forum.” The petitioner must initially make their case known to the High Court,