In Indian culture, not only the Hindu New Year, but also the Gujarati New Year and the Parsi New Year are celebrated. In the same manner, the Putandu, or Tamil New Year, is commemorated with grandeur. Additionally known as Putandu Sankranti Expert in Astrology Dr. Radhakant Watts When does Puthandu festival occur and what is its auspicious time and significance?

Puthandu 2023’s date (Puthandu 2023 Ki Tithi)

When's Puthandu 2023? Learn auspicious and crucial 2023 2

Puntadu is the first day of the Tamil calendar. It is also known as Chithirai It is also known as Varusha Pirappu. The Tamil New Year commences on this date Sankranti Sunrise in Tamil Nadu (The significance of rising before dawn is commemorated after and before sunset.) If the winter solstice occurs after sundown, the new year begins the following day. In such a case, this year’s celebration of Panthadu will take place on April 14th.

Good Muhurta of Puthandu 2023 (Puthandu 2023 Ka Shubh Muhurat)

The Panthadu Sankranti will occur on Friday, April 14 between 15:03 and 15:12 In addition, the hours between sunrise and sunset are optimal for worship. On this day, according to the religious beliefs of the Tamil community, Brahma created the universe

When's Puthandu 2023? Learn auspicious and crucial 2023 3

Puthandu 2023’s (Puthandu 2023’s) significance

On the day of Puthandu Sankranti, Tamil families are obligated by law to perform rituals and worship properly. This day holds great significance for the family in the Tamil community. On this day, not only are dwellings purified, but there is also a tradition of adding medicines to bath water to purify oneself.

On this day, women bathe specifically in turmeric As with any other holiday, Rangoli is made at the entrance of the home, new garments are worn, temple visits are made, and worship teachings are traditionally taught. On this day, Sambrani is illuminated, and instrument worship is also significant.

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