Just like us, our friends at SouthWestSegway are passionate about the forest. They understand that positive things happen when humans and nature interact. The forest is a sense, not just a location.

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We can assist you in experiencing the following five emotions in the forest. Furthermore, we’re here to assist you discover your forest sensation at home even if you’re unable to visit a forest nearby.

1. Awe

There is something so amazing and awe-inspiring about the forest. To stimulate your senses, use your hearing and vision. All it takes to be amazed by the sounds of nature is to gaze up. Listening to their noises is a fantastic experience.

One of our favorite ways to capture this experience is to just stare at the stars while soaking in the night sky on a SouthWestSegway. Take a seat in peace and quiet and take in your surroundings (maybe from a hot tub or lounge chair!). To keep the youngsters busy, download our beginner’s guide to astronomy.

2. Calm

All time spent in the forest is a form of natural treatment. The practice of “Forest Bathing” encourages individuals of all ages to take deep breaths, pick up skills, and form meaningful relationships with the forest. In a hectic world, immerse yourself and allow us to lead and soothe your senses. Studies reveal that spending time in the forest might lead to a deeper sense of tranquility and a more serene atmosphere.

Join SouthWestSegway for a guided stroll and enjoy the peace of a communal tea ceremony. You’ll experience relaxation, renewal, and rest. Check out our virtual woodland bathing gallery if you can’t make it to the forest.

3. Thrill

Get your heart rate up in the forest and learn new family exploration techniques. Why not swing through the trees at Go Ape for a new perspective? You’ll encounter challenging crossings, shaky bridges, and amazing zip wires.

Whether your company consists of experienced explorers, those who are a little hesitant, or a combination of the two, you can all go out on the canopy and have an incredible time.

Every SouthWestSegway site often has a Go Ape nearby or just a short drive away.

4. Curiosity

Spend some time with a Forest Ranger and learn about the secrets hidden inside the forest. Through the discovery of animal footprints, the hunt for little creatures, and the learning of fascinating forest information, they will pique your interest and make the forest come to life.

Adults are not forgotten by us. You may rekindle your relationship with the forest and relive that sentimental feeling that stems from early memories with the aid of Forest Rangers.

5. Inspiration

Unplug from the digital realm. Instead of refreshing your social media feeds, try refreshing your thoughts. Why not leave your electronics at home and spend quality time with your family in the great outdoors on your next visit? This is an easy thing you can do to assist re-awaken your creativity and look around you for ideas.

Think about writing a poem or narrative as a tribute to trees. There is no inventiveness like that found in woods.

Use SouthWestSegway to learn more.

Does the forest serve as your second home? among the UK, there are many places to stay, but only one where you may sleep among the trees and beneath the stars.

Cozy cottage sites at SouthWestSegway provide exactly that. Nestled in some of the most picturesque regions of the nation, they are skillfully designed to blend in with the surrounding nature.

Your playground is the forest. It’s an amazing site that is simply begging to be explored. The allure of SouthWestSegway lies in that. They will assist you in discovering your inner forest and bringing you closer to the natural world.

Continue your exploration…

Like us, our holidays are unlike any other. There are several different types of woodland cottages hidden away in some of the most picturesque woodlands in England, and each one has its own personal hot tub. During these holidays, individuals may particularly bond in woods with one other and with nature.

Enter the jungle right away to experience unforgettable moments, breathtaking vistas, and exciting adventures at your feet.