#5 Best Laptops Under Rs 20000 in India | Latest 4GB RAM

Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

If you don’t have a laptop in this era then you are missing a lot of things. That’s why laptops under 20000 are the best range to buy the average type of laptops with some of the good specs like 13 inch, i3/i5 processor, Windows 10, 4GB/8GB RAM, lightweight, with Graphics Card.

Many companies has their best laptop under 20000 range in India like, HP, dell, Acer, Lenovo. However, Big Brands like Samsung and Apple doesn’t have laptop in this budget range.

if you want to buy Samsung or Apple laptop then you can go for a used one, but if you want a new laptop under 20000 then you can go with these average brands.

In this post, I will tell best laptop under 20000 in India. If your budget is only 20000 for a laptop then you can buy best laptop under 20000 from here. Here is the list of best laptop under Rs. 20000 in India. 

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Note: Prices May change time to time because of offers and discount provided by the Flipkart or Amazon.


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Top #5 Laptops Under Rs 20000 in India

This list of laptops are amazing first of all we will share a comparison table that will help you decide which laptop is going to suit your needs and after that you will see laptop buying guide. 


So that you don’t mess up while buying a best laptop for you or your loved ones. Without wasting any single second lets get started


Image and Rating

Name and Features



It has bezel less screen and overall performance of this laptop is amazing at this price range. 


With the help of SSD you can faster your work process and it will save your lots of time. 


This laptop is good and has good specifications that will serve your most needs.


Asus Vivobook series is very popular and it does your work pretty smartly. And has decent specification to deal with. 


9th Gen laptop is having good specs and hardware that will last longer in the long term. 


Extra features: Bezel less and lightweight laptop suitable for all type of work. 





Extra features: lightweight laptop





Extra features: Good Design and enough storage at this price range. 




So now as you have seen best laptops list above its time to get some knowledge about laptops so that you don’t have to buy poor laptop and buy the best laptop according to your needs and wants. 

Top #5 Laptops Under Rs 20000 in 2020

As Laptops are upgrading specs so should you. 

  • RAM – The higher the RAM you get the higher the performance will be always select higher GB of RAM and you will never complain about that your laptop is slow. But you will also have to optimise your laptop according to its specification.  
  • Processor – Latest processor helps a laptop to run smoother and you can do multiple task at the same time smoothly. Always check the processor if it is having latest generation processor or older. 
  • Battery Life – Most of the laptop in this range tend to give 3 to 4 hours of battery backup. If you don’t optimise your laptop then all other software or applications will eat your battery in the background process. 
  • Storage – These days even 1TB is not enough for the storage, if you are heavy user and loves to collect movies and games, then you will run out of storage very soon. Always have a backup storage with external hard disk with you. 
  • Display – Select HD or Full HD screen resolution as it is the thing that you will see whole time, if you don’t like your screen or if it is not in HD then you will not enjoy working, playing games, watching movies, etc. 

Features to consider when Buying a Laptop

Many Laptops comes with many specifications however if you have some specific requirements then you should focus on that particular specs. but there are some common specs that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing your best laptop under 20000. 


Display Size

As you already know there are already many 15.6 inches laptop in the market, but if you don’t like bigger screen laptop then you shouldn’t buy them, as they will only make you feel bad. I know many people play games, watch movies so in this case you should buy that 15.6 inches laptop as it suits your needs. 



If you are like me then you should choose small screen laptop as I love portability and lightweight laptops, I don’t like bulky ones. So you can choose that one as it will suit your work type. Every individual has different priority it doesn’t mean we should choose what the world is after. 



Performance & Battery Life

Performance level will drop over the period of time, so you should aware of this fact. But you can also choose latest processor that will help last long your laptop and be with you longer period of time. 



Battery life also gets dead after a while, but you can buy battery anytime and make your laptop come to alive. Always invest on your laptop’s battery if you hate working while charging your laptop continuously. 



Hell No:

As you know laptop is machine and over the period of time it gets degrade, so even if you don’t have budget never go for second hand. Moreover, you will never know if it is 3rd hand or 4th hand.  

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