Since animals have always held a special place in our hearts, why not wear jewelry to honor this bond? Even with its limited scope compared to the animal realm, animal jewelry is nevertheless available in an incredible array of patterns and styles. Animal-themed jewelry can range from adorable and laid-back to regal and exotic. There is undoubtedly a sentimental choice ideal for any animal enthusiast, whether you want to pay tribute to a beloved family pet or simply want to have your spirit animal close at hand.

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Certain jewelry options have gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, in addition to animal-themed designs. Colored enamel makes animal motifs truly pop and highlights the natural or exaggerated fur and feathers of the subject. Sterling silver, yellow or white gold, and two-tone pieces with animal designs etched in various metals are also options. Jewelry designers feature both pets and exotic animals, so you may look for one-of-a-kind items that complement your style.

Animal Jewelry Types

Depending on the design, your jewelry with animal themes might convey luxury or fun. Simple patterns in either one or two metals provide a subtle look in rings. Diamond-studded gold earrings add a subtle yet stunning touch to dresses and other formal wear. Animal heads made of sterling silver with jewels embedded in the eyes might exude power and mystique. The substance and arrangement of the stones depend on the mood you wish to create.

Necklaces and bracelets with beautiful animal motifs are arguably the most well-liked items of jewelry with animal themes. Certain animal designs are integrated using glass beads or charms, while others are done through elaborate metalwork. Animal pendant necklaces are usually a stunning option because they prominently feature each animal in precious metal, with some even featuring gem decorations. Whether you’re trying for charming or full-on fierce, there’s a necklace or bracelet that will match your own taste, whatever your style!

The Origins of Animal Jewelry

It would be an understatement to say that animal jewelry has long been in style. Animal bones or carved images of animals may be found in some of the earliest jewelry and artwork, which dates back to the Stone Age. Elders in the tribe used to wear necklaces crafted from shark teeth as a status signal. From Ancient Egypt to the monarch of England, animals have been featured on bracelets, rings, and earrings ever since. A variety of creatures, including lions, eagles, alligators, and more, may be seen even in the British Crown Jewels.

Why has jewelry with animal themes remained fashionable over time? Well, there isn’t a single, easy solution. In certain cultures, jewelry served as a religious accoutrement, with animal deities being the main attraction. Tooth and claw materials from animals were easily obtained and widely used. In modern history, animal iconography conveys a specific social status or familial importance; see the Tudors and their use of serpent themes.

How to Choose Animal Earrings That Fit Your Style

Should you have household pets, you could want to get jewelry that expresses how much you care for them. Pet names or sentiments can be engraved on metal pendant necklaces and rings. To publicly display your love for your furry friend, you can choose silhouettes or portraits of your breed of cat or dog.

Think about an animal that represents your character or past experiences. Certain civilizations have animals that serve as totems or spirits that converse with and represent them. Look for jewelry that uses symbolic adornment to express your unique relationship to your animal guide, if you have one. Some have a connection to several animals because they act as defenders, allies, and aids as they strive for a healthy lifestyle.

Others, nevertheless, have a preference for mythical and mystical animals. These fantastical creatures can take many different shapes, such as the all-powerful Sphinx, mythical unicorns, or legendary dragons. These decorations have a rich and colorful history, ranging from protecting the wearer from an enemy on the battlefield to bestowing luck and wealth onto them.

The secret to looking put together, polished, and modern without going overboard is to choose one playful item with an animal motif and stack or layer it with your favorite, timeless gems. Make a statement with striking creatures and animals captured from nature and portrayed in priceless jewels, gold, and sterling silver, whatever your style may be.

A lion, snake, or crocodile bracelet gives a pencil skirt and cardigan just the right amount of edgy flair and attitude.

A frog necklace or ring would make your beloved princess feel whimsically charming.

Choose khakis and a clean button-down shirt to go with a stylish starfish or crab bracelet or pendant for a nautical look.