is a 1000-verse poem on the Divine Mother Parvati / Uma, Composed by Vaśiṣṭha Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni. In this part Goddess Renuka and deities of few different holy locations

In this stabaka the gods and goddesses established in the famend areas all over the country are hymned. “Uma Sahasram” is a 1000-verse poem on the Divine Mother Parvati / Uma, Composed by Vaśiṣṭha Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni.

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The first verse of a canto extolls the smile of the Goddess. The name of the meter is mentioned in the last verse. The synthesis of the Upanishads and the Tantra was built out of his realization in yoga.

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In Umashatakam goddess Uma, the Mother of the Universe, is adored in a hundred verses distributed over ten sections, each having ten verses. The first part explains the svarupa (characterstic nature) of Uma. Apitakuchamba, the consort of Arunachala, is praised in the fifth. The sixth extols the glory of the names of goddess Uma. The poet reveals his genius in versification in each the seventh and eighth sections.

In the eighth section the ten incarnations of Vishnu are also mentioned. The poet praises the compassionate glance of the Goddess in the ninth, and the religious aspect of the Goddess is extolled in the concluding ten verses. In 1907, Bhagavan Ramana was staying in Virupaksha Cave and Nayana, in Mango Tree Cave. A chilly December night, Sunday the 15th, Nayana had been writing for ten days and had accomplished 700 out of a thousand verses of his masterpiece Uma Sahasram. His right thumb got a blister and he could not maintain the pen anymore.

“Umatrishati” is a wonderful composition of 300 names of goddess Uma. This is certainly one of his most powerful utterances. The word UMA has three letters in a transposed manner. The Mother Goddess of the universe is known as the Primordial Shakti. In tantrashastra, Uma is taken into account to be the shaktapranava.