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dump pouch

Although it is marketed as a medium, I would consider it to be in the wide load realm. There isn’t much to say about the dump pouch. Nowadays, a trade off is dump pouches. Either you find a lightweight pouch, but it has limited capacity, or dump pouch you find one with increased capacity, but it is bulky and heavy. It works well on duty belt for qualification trips.

Tyr Tactical Has A Single Pistol Glock Mag Pouch

When rolled up using the pull tab, it will take up less space than under magazine pouches. It can be moved easily from a battle belt to a normal belt and back again. It has a pouch to hold your pouch in, but not much else. In a pinch, this dump pouch would be great, but also need the belt real estate for more crucial pieces of kit.

You are a pack mule and probably an arsenal carrying a ton of MAGPUL AR (or AK for the more refined ladies out there) mags. They roll up, but don’t expect it to fit in your belt line because of the cordura cylinder hanging off your backside. Everyone can use a helping hand, from mag dumpers to military people. It’s a situation where you wish you had more easily accessible person storage without adding too much bulk.

You put items in a dump pouch because of that. Whether you keep a water source, extra magazines, or sensitive items, the idea is to keep them inside. That’s why it’s important that the dump pouches are closed. If you don’t have a way to say goodbye, you can just kiss whatever you want.

The wide load category of dump pouch is finally here. The LBT and gear dump pouches are included in this classification. These can hold a lot of equipment.

Dump Pouch Is Made Of Wax Canvas

Different types of retention are available. If you want your pouch to be retentive, you need to consider what activities you will be doing. Dump pouches for any activity other than flat range are important.

Leg straps are fairly common, however, they may not be the neatest option. The Tactical Tailor Fight Light is a good dump pouch. It is backed by a trusted name. The Tactical Tailor Fight Light is a name that has been around for a long time in the military gear industry.

Side Dump Pouch

Most pouches fall in the medium sized category. They can handle a wide range of tasks and are mostly your do all pouch. Most likely, they will take two or three MOLLE cells on your belt, which is fine because the convenience it provides largely outweighs the space it takes. The wide load classification may be your ticket to range day glory if you want to carry a lot of stuff.

The dump pouch we have created does more and offers more to the user. That is a result of what it is designed for. Unless you are a kind of tactical paleontologist, you don’t want a pouch full of dirt and sand.

If you just buy whatever everyone else is running, you won’t find one that will foot the bill for your mission. Keep in mind that rain, mud, dirt and sand can get into the mesh of this pouch just as easily as it can leave. This thing is large. It is pretty bulky, even if you can fold it onto itself.