Video content is taking over social media, and companies, corporations, and creators must post Reels on Instagram. With more Reels than ever on the platform, it needs a smart strategy to stand out and encourage meaningful connection.

How can you utilize Instagram Reels to increase your reach, exposure, and client engagement?

We’ve created a list of proven engagement-driving tactics to help you break the system and develop Reels that stop viewers.


Ready to dominate Instagram Reels? Discover five techniques to boost engagement.

Why use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels increase engagement by 22% compared to static Instagram posts.

Reels is Instagram’s only video content format, demonstrating its importance to marketers, enterprises, and creators.

Dynamic video may help your company stand out and drive action, especially with Instagram doubling down on Reels. Reels’ social media marketing benefits are numerous. Now look:

• Increase reach: Reels help Instagram users find your business. The Instagram algorithm and Discover page prioritize Reels content.

• Humanize your brand: Reels’ engaging, lively, and playful nature allows you to humanize your brand and reveal who you are (and what you stand for).

• Establish trust with new audiences: Reels’ short-form video and subtitles let you share important material with your audience and develop trust with potential consumers.

• Increase your following organically: with tremendous discoverability, Reels provide your brand the opportunity to go viral and expand your following (and tap into a valuable new customer base).

• Use trending formats and sounds: Reels’ biggest feature is that you can use trendy templates, transitions, and music tracks to create compelling material (even as a beginner).


Top 10 Instagram engagement hacks Reels

You may now make and publish Reels. What now? These 10 great Instagram hacks can boost engagement and commercial outcomes.

Use a sturdy hook.

Instagram Reels’ structure is almost as crucial as their content. It is.

To interest viewers, they must stand out, especially in the initial few seconds.

The “hook” should draw attention and pique interest. Teasers can lead to the main event.

Another option is to construct a narrative arc by providing a problem or difficulty and illustrating how you overcome it.

Remember that the first few seconds matter. Make sure your hook sets the stage for your content.


Utilize Reels templates for popular formats.

A fantastic method to capitalize on trendy formats is by using an Instagram Reels template.

These templates make engaging material easy to develop. After clicking “use template” on an existing Reel, you just need to submit a certain number of video clips to make it live (timed perfectly to a trending audio track, too).

With text overlays and more complicated animations, there’s a template for your brand’s voice. Templates are also easy to make.

Templates help your images match the music. These precise transitions produce a clean, professional appearance in minutes.

Hashtags improve discoverability.

Instagram hashtags increase reach. Discoverable tags help Instagram’s algorithm find your content and reach new audiences.

Thus, add a handpicked list of high-performing hashtags to every Video you publish.

Need assistance choosing hashtags? Plann’s hashtag manager lets you easily store and share hundreds of chosen hashtags in your next Video.

It’s crucial to mix popular hashtags with specialised hashtags. To foster community and user-generated content, try developing a branded hashtag.

Repost Reels.

Posting your Instagram Reels to your Instagram story boosts visibility. Your followers can see your Story for 24 hours.

If your followers don’t see your Reel, adding and resharing it to your story will enhance reach and interaction. It also provides your fans a more intimate view at your content, which may strengthen your connection.

Add stickers and text to make your Reels content interactive.

Add a strong CTA.

A captivating call-to-action (CTA) in your Instagram Reels can boost audience engagement and activity.

Clear, simple, and relevant CTAs work best. Make sure your Reel’s CTA makes it easy for visitors to shop for new goods or flash sales on your site.

CTA placement matters. It’s usually shown at the conclusion or as a text overlay.

Utilize native editors (and include trending audio)

Instagram favors producers that follow trends and use its picture and video editing capabilities.

You may raise your Instagram algorithm ranking by altering your Reels on Instagram.

Fortunately, Instagram has several easy editing options. Pre-existing layouts, overlay text, and interactive buttons can improve interest, as can trending music tracks.

Quick tip: while choosing music for your Reel, seek for a track with a little upward tick next to it—this indicates a rising popularity! Want to follow Instagram’s longest-trending audio? Plann’s weekly TikTok and Instagram popular sounds.

Optimize cover picture

Your Instagram cover photo must attract users and persuade them to watch your Reel.

Choose a cover photo that’s attractive and reflects your Reel’s content. This may mean building a bespoke graphic in Canva (which you can do quickly in your Plann workplace) or posting a high-quality image as your cover photo.

Another crucial thing to remember is to incorporate keywords on Reels’ cover picture to make it simple for visitors to grasp what your film is about. Add a keyphrase or strategic keywords as a text overlay to increase views!

Regularly post

Consistency is key when it comes to establishing an engaged following using Instagram Reels. Reels posted often can help build audience routine and engagement.

Experimenting with publishing timings might help you find the best time to reach your audience.

Need help scheduling Reels? Plann’s Instagram analytics help you find your optimal posting times. Auto-posting lets you create, schedule, and publish Reels automatically.

Publishing regularly has never been easier!

Vertical format

Most Instagram users will watch your Reels on their phones, so make them vertical.

Instead of landscape, photograph in portrait mode.

Instagram prioritizes vertical content in streams and discoverability.

Caption it.

Instagram Reels are mostly visual, so subtitles should give context and information.

Searchable terms and hashtags in captions increase content visibility. They also let you to communicate with your audience and encourage them to remark or share their Reel-related experiences.

Remember that Instagram users want to see content, not read captions. Instagram Reels makes it hard to read long subtitles while still seeing the video.

Include keywords and hashtags in your description to make your Video more discoverable.

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