Throughout the history of the Indian Premier League, Sunil Narine is widely considered to be among the most successful bowlers ever, and he will also be eyeing this season. Sunil Narene bowled in a match that took him by surprise right before the Indian Premier League 2023 began. Throughout the game, he bowled seven overs, all of which were medium, and he also took seven wickets while he was doing it.

7 Overs, 7 Maidens, 7 Wickets: Sunil Narine Beast Mode Before IPL 2023 2

What a Fantastic spell by Sunil Narine

This was accomplished by Sunil Narine in a regional event that was being played in the West Indies. When competing for Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Sunil Narine wreaked havoc on Clark Road United. Sunil Narine was representing Queen’s Park. Because of his incredible play, the opposition team’s first-inning score was just 76, and they were eliminated from the game.

Sunil Narine did not score a single run but grabbed seven wickets while bowling seven overs. In addition to him, Sean Hacklett was responsible for two wickets and 18 runs. The batter who scored the most runs from Clark Road had a total of 21 runs to show for his efforts. Throughout the course of this match, the Queen’s Park side seized the lead by 192 runs after scoring 268 runs while only losing three wickets.

The scorecard for the match reads as follows:

Clark Road United 76/10, Sunil Narine 0/7;

Queens Park Cricket Club 268/3, Isah Raja 100