The much-anticipated film “Adipurush,” a retelling of the Ramayana, premiered on Friday to heightened emotions in many theaters, with large audiences, a reserved seat for Lord Hanuman, and a man allegedly being assaulted in Hyderabad for criticizing the film.

Despite a spectacular start at the box office, with approximately Rs 140 crore in global receipts, the film received considerable backlash for its visual effects (VFX) and language.

The movie “Adipurush,” directed by Om Raut and starring Prabhas as Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh, dominated social media with videos and photographs of people praying before taking their seats.

The film 'Adipurush' was released to tepid reviews 2023 2

Here are some of the errors identified by moviegoers

  • The visual effects were not up to par. The film’s special effects were frequently criticized for being subpar and implausible. This was notably evident in the sequences depicting Lord Ram’s conflict with Ravana.
  • The film’s Ramayana interpretation was not faithful to the original text. Some admirers of the epic were offended by the filmmakers’ creative license with the narrative. In contrast to his traditional depiction, they portrayed Lord Ram as a violent and enraged individual.
  • The film’s dialogue was frequently corny and cringe-inducing. The film’s dialogue was frequently criticized for being inadequately written and performed. This was most apparent in the episodes involving Lord Ram and Sita.
  • The film’s pacing was inconsistent and sluggish. At times, the film meandered, and the action scenes were not as thrilling as they could have been.
  • The characters in the film were not well-developed. The film’s characters were frequently one-dimensional and underdeveloped. This made it challenging for the audience to relate to them.
  • The film’s score was forgettable. The film’s music was frequently criticized for being forgettable and generic. This was notably evident in the title track of the film.
  • The historical inaccuracies of the film. Some critics have noted that the film takes liberties with historical accuracy, such as depicting Ravana as a behemoth. These inaccuracies, so the argument goes, make the film less credible and less reverent of the Ramayana.
  • Dialogues such as ‘Jo humari behno ko haath lagaayenge, unki Lanka laga denge’, ‘Kapda tere baap ka. Tel tere baap ki. Aag bhi tere baap hai. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki has not been well-received by moviegoers because it does not fit into the Ramayana narrative.
  • The film also failed to convince critics despite its 500 crore rupee budget and hoopla. Taran Adarsh, a film critic, tweeted: “Disappointing. One and a half stars are awarded. Adipurush is an Epic letdown… Just falls short of the enormous expectations… “Despite having a dream cast and a massive budget, director Om Raut creates a Huge Mess.”