Six months after a professor at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) allegedly referred to a student as “Kasab,” the matter has been resolved after “strict” disciplinary action was taken against the professor.

According to Lt Gen (Dr.) M D Venkatesh, vice chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), the professor has returned to campus but has not yet been assigned teaching duties. “In fact, the student and professor have reconciled, and the student did not want any action taken against the professor,” Venkatesh said.

After 6 months, a controversial MIT professor is back on campus but not teaching 2023 2

“The professor has not been fired but has been disciplined.” Against him, we have taken severe disciplinary action. He is currently receiving excellent mentoring and supervision.”

The university followed a disciplinary committee’s advice.

In addition to forming a committee to investigate the matter, MAHE suspended the professor pending investigation. “A disciplinary committee made a recommendation, and action was taken in accordance with university regulations.

We have given him severe sanctions that I should not reveal. He is receiving cautious guidance. With the disciplinary action taken against the professor, the matter has been resolved,” said Venkatesh.

Professor allegedly referred to a pupil as ‘Kasab,’ the terrorist who was executed for his involvement in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, in a video that went viral in November and was widely distributed.

In the video, the professor is seen attempting to defend his remark by stating that it was “a funny thing.” However, the student was overheard stating, “26/11 was not amusing…It is not amusing to be a Muslim in this country and to face all of this every day.

The video also shows the professor saying “sorry” and the student responding, “Sorry does not change how you think or portray yourself here.”