Internal storage is now the sole constraint on app count. Yet I’m sure we all know someone with over 200 applications on their iPhones, and sometimes you question, do you really need all those apps? Google’s “auto-archive” option is for app lovers who frequently delete programs to make room for new ones.

After opting in, auto-archive will keep applications on the phone in a new form while deleting up to 60% of their capacity. It does this by offloading most app data from the phone except the user’s. The app’s icon will remain on the phone, but you’ll need to redownload its basic components to utilize it. As no app user data was destroyed, you can resume your experience.

Android's auto-archive deletes unneeded applications like the iPhone's 2023 2

Best of all, Android auto-archives applications as needed when this option is set up. Android will maintain applications for users. This will conserve space, but it may also make smartphone owners with hundreds of apps reconsider. I’m kidding—download as many programs as you want. This technique will save anyone with limited device space.

The auto-archive option is only accessible to App Bundle creators. If you wish to try it, install an app on a device with low storage and you’ll be prompted to archive it. How many applications are on your device?