The Kapil Sharma Show hosted television princesses Urvashi Dholakia, Divyanka Tripathi, Ankita Lokhande, and Anita Hassanandani on the current episode. Kapil praises Anita as Naagin. Kapil said that people had gotten snake-friendly after her involvement.

Kapil questioned all four actresses whether “the actresses often discuss their outfits before getting dressed up”. Anita says, “While I was in my vanity van Ankita, and Divyanka were looking at what I was wearing and thankfully I had a spare dress, so I changed it, otherwise, I would have matched my outfit with them.”

“I am so happy that 4 TV divas have arrived on the show,” Archana tells Kapil. Kapil, flirt with one. They would say “mooh tod jawaab” if you tried.

Kapil adds that they had pleasure acting in front of Archana Puran Singh in one of his previous comedy shows. Divyanka adds “Even if we cracked some lame or bad jokes Archana Ma’am would still laugh over it and give us some marks.” Kapil says, “Archana ma’am would not cut our marks but would cut the person sitting next to her”.

Ankita Lokhande worked 148 hours non-stop for her Pavitra Rishta wedding sequence 2023 2

Does Kapil ask Urvashi Did you know that the snake-shaped bindi was called Komolika in the market?

Urvashi said, “I never thought about it at that time, I only focused on work. I made these by cutting two or three bindis. Divyanka recalls, “Ladies used to actually watch my show to see my saree blouses and make designs from it.”

Ankita says she still has her Pavitra Rishta sarees. “I still have the old Pavitra sarees and I often give those sarees to my fans as a free gift by posting them on Instagram,” she says.

Kapil praises TV stars for their hard hours. For the Pavitra Rishta wedding sequence, Ankita worked 148 hours straight. “I was shooting for 148 hours in a Navari for my wedding,” she said. I have so many memories of sleeping on the set. Pavitra Rishta taught me so much.

I intended to visit Siddhivinayak temple during Ganpati festival when I started the program. People noticed me and claimed they would assist me obtain darshan quickly but only wanted one photo. I realized I was famous.”

Kapil’s renowned segment Post Ka Postmartem presents all four actresses’ Instagram photos and reads the humorous comments. The statements make Urvashi, Ankita, Anita, and Divyanka giggle.