The death of ASTRO member Moonbin has shook the Korean entertainment industry, with several Idols delaying promotional tours and performances out of reverence for the deceased artist. Wednesday night, Moonbin’s manager discovered him deceased in his apartment in Seoul. He was only 25 years old.

While investigating his death, authorities suspect suicide and have ruled out foul play.

According to a report by allkpop, while Mnet’s M! Countdown and KBS2’s Music Bank will continue as scheduled, they will be conducted with a more somber tone in light of the tragic events. The broadcasts will reportedly include a message of support and tribute for Moonbin, and those performing will be asked to wear black attire.

Astro member Moonbin's death: Younger sister Moon Sua to lead wake, K-Pop Idols postpone events 2023 2

In contrast, music groups including iKON, Xdinary Heroes, Xikers, and The Wind have stated that they will not release any teasers or promotional materials for their band for some time. IU, one of the most prominent K-Pop artists and actors, has reportedly requested a postponement of her scheduled interviews for the forthcoming blockbuster film Dream.

As confirmed by ASTRO’s agency, Jinjin and Sanha were the first to arrive at the funeral site upon hearing the tragic news, and MJ took an emergency leave from his military training to be with his family. Moon Sua, Moonbin’s sister and an idol from the girl group Billlie, has been named the chief mourner during her brother’s wake.

Cha Eun Woo will arrive in Seoul on Thursday in order to attend Moonbin’s funeral on April 20.

In addition to celebrities, distraught fans posted condolences on social media, with one writing, “Rest in love and fly high, Moonbin.” Someone else remarked, “Final chapter, and finally, the moon meets the star.” One user stated, “I recall seeing this delightful man dancing with his sister on a special stage; it was so endearing that it made my day. I cannot believe that he is too young to pass from this planet.”Rest in peace, Moonbin”