The upcoming show ‘Baghin’, which stars ‘Anupamaa’ actress Aneri Vajani and ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ actor Zeeshan Khan, had a leopard visit its settings in the city.

The show follows the tale of its female protagonist who is possessed by a tiger’s spirit and depicts the man and the beast.

During the filming of a crucial sequence in Mumbai’s Film City, the leopard paid Ansh Bagri and his fellow cast and crew a visit. The leopard strode in, took a look around, and then left without incident, leaving everyone stunned.

Baghin: A Leopard Surprises Aneri Vajani & Zeeshan Khan On Set 2023 2

In 2023, ‘Baghin’ will debut on Atrangii OTT and TV.

Sharing his experience, Ansh Bagri said, “We were filming a scene in Mumbai’s Film City for our show in which Gauri (Aneri Vajani) was supposed to transform into a Baghin (tiger) for the first time. In the scene, we demonstrated how Gauri transforms after a tiger appears in front of her. Exactly at that instant, a leopard appeared in front of us, surveyed the area, and then left.”

Baghin: A Leopard Surprises Aneri Vajani & Zeeshan Khan On Set 2023 3

He added, “We are certain this is some sort of divine intervention, as we were filming a scene with a tiger while a leopard appeared on the set.”

This is one of the most enchanting instances I’ve ever witnessed. The leopard was peaceful and did not harm any of the employees; it simply came, observed us, and left without incident.”

The Film City, constructed in 1977 by the Maharashtra state government, borders the eco-sensitive zone of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the only national park within city limits in the world.