It was reported that a cargo train had derailed in Odisha on Monday. According to the PTI, the derailment of the freight train occurred on a private small gauge rail line in the Bargarh district of Odisha.

When the train transporting limestone was traveling from Dunguri to Bargarh, five of its bogies were reported to have derailed, according to the officials.

As of the most recent time this report was updated, there have been no reports of any casualties.

“A private siding is the property of a certain business, and the Railways are not responsible for its upkeep or operations.

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The event, it took place within a private siding.

Between the Dungri Limestone Mines and the ACC Bargarh Cement Plant, there is a private rail line with a small gauge that connects the two locations. The track, the carriages, and the locomotive are all privately owned.

The officials stated that the event took place early in the morning on this particular line and that it was in no way related to the Indian Railway system.

The derailed train and damaged wagons can be seen in a number of images that were shared on social media websites; nevertheless, there are very few individuals visible at the scene.

There is still a need for further information on the occurrence.

This is the most recent instance of a train derailing, and it comes only a few days after the devastating triple train accident in Odisha, which resulted in the deaths of 288 people and left more than 1000 others injured.