The birthday present of global celebrity Ram Charan, but Charan supporters and mega fans had already started the mass ecstasy, and this march became more meaningful for them.

And this time in the birthday month Charan starrer RRR got an Oscar and an update is also coming from a huge movie with another director Shankar, “Orange” which is a disaster cum cult classic hit in his career has been re-released.

At Crossroads, Charan hit an all-time high!

Orange was re-released, and a big reaction has been recorded for this film, despite the fact that this film has a very tight timeline and numerous films to compete with.

Cross Roads, Orange has mostly established a new all-time record for the number of re-releases in the Nizam area. It is astonishing that even 12 of the planned concerts at Cross Roads have sold out all of their available boards, which brings the total number of planned events to 12.

It is also known what type of failure it was at that moment in Charan’s career, and it was a defeat. It is unavoidable to point out that the effectiveness of this movie may be observed right now. Genelia played the leading role in this film, which was helmed by Bommarillu Bhaskar and directed by him. Moreover, Harish Jai Raj delivered a great CD of musical compositions.