Since 2022, ChatGPT has dominated tech conversations. Its human-like responses and ability to manage most things made the AI chatbot popular. The generative AI chatbot was used for essays, poetry, and music.

Experts at utilizing the AI chatbot, ChatGPT, are allegedly in high demand in the computer industry. ResumeBuilder revealed that 91% of firms hiring desire ChatGPT experts. The study found that AI may improve productivity, efficiency, and corporate performance.

ChatGPT experts might earn 1.5 crore from companies 2023 2

Companies paying ChatGPT experts 1.5 crore

According to Business Insider, LinkedIn corporations will pay ChatGPT experts up to USD 185,000 (approximately Rs 1.5 million) every year.

Recruiting from Scratch, a US HR business, is recruiting a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Audio with ‘Familiarity with contemporary AI tools and platforms like ChatGPT, Midjourney and others’.

ChatGPT experts might earn 1.5 crore from companies 2023 3

The wage range is USD 125,000–$185,000 per year.

However, is hiring a Remote Machine Engineer with ‘experience with natural language processing and huge language models’ behind ChatGPT. The job pays up to $170,000.

“Experience with LLMs is a key requirement for the role,” said CEO Srinivas Njay to Insider. This lets banks and credit unions engage with clients more efficiently.”

ChatGPT experts might earn 1.5 crore from companies 2023 4

Fast-growing engineering

ChatGPT has been linked to job loss fears. Experts also predict the AI technology will produce additional employment. Prompt Engineering is becoming popular.

Anthropic, a San Francisco AI firm, advertised for a Prompt Engineer and Librarian with a salary of up to USD 335,000 in March. Approximately Rs 2.7 crore in INR.

San Francisco is not the only city employing AI Prompt Engineers. LinkedIn and other job-search platforms have many employers seeking quick engineers. Due to the role’s prominence, many sites provide prompt engineering training.