The residents of Chengdu are renowned for their enjoyment of leisure and amusement. In Chengdu debuted the first “drama bus” manufactured by a renowned Chinese comic group. The story takes place in their province during the 1920s. How could natives overlook it?

GUO Tianshan Chengdu, province of Sichuan “When boarding the bus, you will journey back in time to the same location one hundred years ago, participate in the play, and contribute to the development of the story via your own performance.”

LI JINNAN Actor, Mahua FunAge “The audience consisted of manufacturing employees who were owed salaries. How would they receive a refund? Nonetheless, they must pass my examination.”

The workers on the bus were robbed while on their way to celebrate their employer’s birthday, despite being owed money by the boss and taunted by the management.

What could be more engaging than participating in a gang battle on a moving bus?

MR. XU Audience “At a theater, the experience varies from seat to seat, however on a bus, actors and actresses are performing quite closely and may engage with all passengers. That is a very unique experience.”

MS. ZHOU Audience “I have attended nearly all of this troupe’s productions, and I purchased tickets for the drama bus as soon as I saw the advertisement for it. I would love to return.”

The rolling theater travels through downtown Chengdu’s attractive locations and stops at the actual theater, where the second act of the play will be presented that evening to prolong this enchanted and ecstatic escape from reality. GUO TIANQI, CGTN, Sichuan Province, Chengdu.