Whenever the name of an action-thriller film is mentioned, the viewer’s initial response is, “Man, there better be a decent narrative and suspense!” The new Netflix film Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga exceeds your expectations significantly.

The new film by filmmaker Ajay Singh was created with the audience’s expectations in mind. This film, starring Yami Gautam and Sunny Kaushal, is a product of much effort to provide the proper amusement. Determine whether or not he was successful.

"Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga"- Review 2023 2

What is the plot of this movie?

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” is the story of Ankit (Sunny Kaushal) and Neha (Yami Gautam). Both are similar to the modern couple who seeks modest bliss. This movie is not average. What is apparent to the naked eye is not the whole story. There are many additional aspects of each other that neither knows about that lie behind their love.

Each party has their own objectives. Instead, RAW Deputy Sheikh (Sharad Kelkar) is tasked with investigating a mystery in his own unique manner. Every plot twist in this film is a surprise to the spectator from beginning to conclusion. This is what makes the film exciting and unique, since the opposite of what you would expect would occur.

Yami-Sunny did miracles

About the performance, Yami Gautam has, as always, succeeded in imbuing her role with life. The unconventional approach of the hero Sunny Kaushal will capture your heart. Sunny is an actor who is underappreciated in the film business. Yami shines in dramatic situations with her effervescent personality, while Sunny’s acting ability is worth observing.

Sharad Kelkar is the film’s surprise package, if we are to discuss him. Sharad has been in several films to date, and he has demonstrated that there is no part he cannot excel in. Watching Sharad in this film is an experience in and of itself. The remainder of the film’s supporting ensemble has likewise performed admirably.

Ajay Singh has spared no effort in his pursuit. Amar Kaushik and Shiraz Ahmed done an excellent job keeping the story’s standpoint relevant to the audience and giving it a contemporary feel. In such a case, it occurs to you that the film could have been created somewhat crisper.

If minor flaws are overlooked, “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga” is a really nice film. Also, the music and lines are correct. On weekends, you may see this film that combines romance, action, and suspense. Give it a try and observe.