While many deemed the incident of a couple embracing in the Delhi Metro to be “reprehensible,” others argued that it should be “normalized.”

Is it permissible for couples to display intimacy on public transportation? There will be those who oppose it, even though some may find it perfectly acceptable. A viral video on Twitter depicting a couple embracing in the Delhi Metro has ignited one such controversy. While many referred to it as a “reprehensible conduct,” others argued that it should be “normalized.”

Delhi couple kissing virally Metro splits Twitter 2023 2

Here are some responses from individuals who stated that it is a “PDA” and that people should “chill out.”

A person wrote, “Relax folks, it’s just PDA.” A second individual added, “Recently, a video of a couple embracing in the #DelhiMetro was shared on Twitter with the claim that it was an act of cultural genocide. When I first visited Europe, I was elated to see people openly expressing their affection, and it quickly became my favorite thing to observe.

Examine the tweets of Twitter users who expressed their displeasure with the incident.

How do people embrace in the subway? “Like ehhhh,” a Twitter user commented. “The adverse effect of Indian Bollywood films,” stated a second speaker.

A few individuals also called out the videographer and inquired whether the couple’s permission was obtained prior to recording them.

What do you think about this incident? Do you believe it should be “normalized” or do you consider it a “reprehensible act”?