In order to fill teaching positions at government and government-aided schools in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, an eligibility test and a competitive exam are now being held. There have been calls for the event to be canceled.

Inspection of Competitors

From 2012, the Tamil Nadu Government Schools have required candidates to pass an Eligibility Test (TET) in order to be considered for the positions of Intermediate and Graduate Teachers.

On the basis of this, appointments will be made to the candidates who meet the qualifications. As a result of this circumstance, it was decided in 2018 that those who get a passing score on the teacher qualification test would be required to submit an application for the competitive examination as the subsequent stage.

As a direct result of this, the system of competitive examinations is presently being used. There are a lot of individuals calling for it to be canceled. Given this predicament, the DMK made a commitment to the electorate that it would abstain from holding competitive examinations for teaching jobs during the assembly elections that would take place in 2021.

Candidates are making demands that this particular action be taken at this time. The coordinator of the teachers’ welfare association has emphasized that the competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers should be abolished, and that the teaching posts should be provided to those who have passed the qualifying test. This is because of the current circumstances.