A last-minute appointment for former US president Barack Obama, film director Steven Spielberg, and artist Bruce Springsteen surprised Barcelona restaurant staff.

The group posed with Palace Hotel staff after dinner at Amar on Thursday. Pol Perello captioned the Instagram photo: “Pleasures that this job brings you!!”

The Obamas, Spielberg, and Capshaw attended Springsteen’s Friday night concert at Barcelona’s Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys.

Dream dinner guests: Obama, Springsteen, Spielberg delight Barcelona restaurant workers 2023 2

Cadena SER reported that the Obamas ate seafood after their late-night journey to Barcelona. Amar chef Rafa Zafra stated José Andrés recommended making their appointment hours before.

The trio dined at the Palace Hotel’s Amar restaurant after Bruce Springsteen’s concert.

Zafra informed Cadena SER that José Andrés called and told him it was a very important table but not to disclose anything. Of course, I investigated and found that Obama was coming, that Bruce had a concert…”

Zafra said the crew was “tired” but eager to “try everything”. They “ate a lot” and “drank a little” oysters, shellfish, and caviar.

Zafra said Springsteen’s Friday night concert’s best behaved person was the one who had to work.

Zafra stated, “The security people told us to please not ask them for photos, but just before leaving, Obama entered the kitchen and told us that this had been one of their best meals and if they could take a photo with the whole team.”

Dream dinner guests: Obama, Springsteen, Spielberg delight Barcelona restaurant workers 2023 3

Local media said that Barack and Michelle Obama, Spielberg, and Capshaw visited the Sagrada Familia, the Moco Museum, and other Barcelona landmarks on Friday.

Spanish media showed the Obamas walking hand-in-hand through central Barcelona, waving to fans.

Spielberg has attended many events and holidays with Obama, a longtime friend. Obama honored the esteemed director the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

“His stories have shaped America’s story and his values have shaped our world,” the then-president stated.

Springsteen became friends with Obama after supporting him in the 2008 presidential election. In 2021, they co-hosted “Renegades: Born in the USA,” a podcast on friendship, family, music, and American politics.