Edge fits the saying, “You can take a wrestler out of wrestling, but you can’t take wrestling out of a wrestler.” Three years ago, the Rated-R Superstar’s surprise return to the squared circle at the Royal Rumble was one of the sport’s greatest moments.

Edge provided us a taste of future events a few months before his return to the arena by executing a Spear on Elias at WWE SummerSlam 2019. This occurred after years of refraining from physical activity due to neck ailments incurred during his initial run with the organization, which ultimately led to his retirement.

Eight years later, the decision was made on the spot.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Edge pondered on his miraculous recovery and revealed amusing anecdotes about his time spent with the guitar-playing braggart heel. As it turns out, the location was impromptu

Edge says his first Spear to 35-year-old WWE RAW Superstar after eight years was determined on the fly 2023 2

Elias teased his WWE Summerslam segment with Edge.

Despite his lack of in-ring success, Elias has always been a compelling performer on WWE television. Promo segments with WWE veterans like as John Cena, The Undertaker, and Edge made 2019 an exceptionally memorable year for The Drifter.

About the Spear he obtained at Summerslam, Elias stated in a 2019 phone interview with USA Today Network that there is “a whole tale” behind it, which will be exposed one day:

“During SummerSlam, I was all over the place, and whenever I can get engaged in something, I’ll make the most of it and do what I can. Nobody in the world, including myself, saw that Edge was emerging while I was out there performing.

There is more to the narrative, which will be revealed at some point. But what a scene it was; as he walked out, the audience went absolutely berserk. Hence, being a part of that was truly a privilege “Elias remarked

Tonight, Edge will face Finn Balor inside Hell in a Cell in what may be The Rated-R Superstar’s last WrestleMania encounter.