The prominent e-commerce platform Flipkart administers the SummerSale (Summer Sale) promotion. Offering massive discounts on a variety of popular 5G phones. This category includes the iPhone 13. This sale, however, concludes on April 17 at midnight.

Last opportunity for interested consumers to purchase this 5G phone at a reasonable price. The iPhone 13 can be acquired for extremely reduced costs.

Less than sixty thousand rupees is the price of this phone. The initial price for the iPhone 13 on Flipkart is currently Rs. 58,999. At the Apple Online Store, the iPhone’s original retail price is Rs. 69,900. That is… Flipkart provides a Rs 10,901 fixed discount.

Get the latest iPhone for Rs 10,900 during the Flipkart summer sale 2023 2

This offer is not contingent on a bank’s offering. A fixed discount is provided by Flipkart. This sale, however, is only accessible until tomorrow at midnight.

Flipkart has a regular discount of Rs 10,901.

The Rs. 1,000 discount is provided in addition to the Axis Bank Credit Card. The price of this iPhone is effectively reduced to Rs. 57,999. The iPhone has 128GB of internal storage space. As part of this iPhone Exchange promotion, users who desire to surrender their old device will be able to purchase an iPhone 13 for Rs. One can receive up to 26,250 discounts.

The quantity of exchange can be calculated based on the condition and age of your current phone.

Get the latest iPhone for Rs 10,900 during the Flipkart summer sale 2023 3

Apple Company is scheduled to open its first upscale store in India on April 18. The well-known iPhone 13 smartphone is displayed. To acquire this phone online. Apple can visit the official online retailer. This establishment is, however, exclusive to Mumbai.

On April 20th, the company store in Delhi will be open for business. To purchase this divisor, you can visit any local retail establishment. On the other hand, you may not be able to obtain the same discount offer in-store. The iPhone 13 and the new iPhone 14 are comparable in terms of functionality. It is more cost-effective to acquire an outdated iPhone model. Apple provides software updates for phones older than six years.