April Fool’s Day 2023: Do not fall for any of these jokes! It’s April 1st, the day of the year when someone will prank you by telling you something that isn’t true or setting up a joke that they know you’ll fall for. The first of April has here! Get it? Best wishes for April Fool’s Day!

Beware! In case you forgot, today is April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, which means that someone may have already attempted to fool you or told you something that is not real. If you were fooled by family or friends last year, it is now your chance to not just avoid being fooled again, but to return the favor. Here is a collection of greetings, ideas, jokes, WhatsApp messages, pranks, tricks, and more that you may send to or play on your contacts.

Happy April Fool's Day 2023: Greetings, WhatsApp messages, ideas, jokes, tricks, pranks, and graphics for you and your pals. 2023 2

April Fool’s Day greetings

  • May you not be tricked on April 1st, you idiot! Consider this a bonus from your biggest well-wisher!
  • Did you truly believe that we were friends? I was just waiting for April 1st the entire time! April Fool’s Day greetings!
  • Best wishes for April Fool’s Day, my closest buddy! 😉
  • Hey! How are you doing? I was simply preparing a list of the stupidest of my buddies. April Fool’s Day greetings!
Happy April Fool's Day 2023: Greetings, WhatsApp messages, ideas, jokes, tricks, pranks, and graphics for you and your pals. 2023 3

April Fool’s Day WhatsApp Messages

  • Just sent you a significant sum mistakenly. Please be courteous and return it.
  • Have you obtained it? Sent it long ago!!
  • What else can I say? You’re the greatest! April 1 is April Fool’s Day.
  • Sometimes in life, you must rely on your intuition to determine if someone is speaking the truth.

Ways to fool your pals and yell, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” on April 1st.

  • Send a message like ‘Hi! You must watch this immediately… Sent, please wait…’ and never send anything else unless the receiver requests it (or continues to want it!).
  • Just phone your pal at random and say, “I completely forgot, I’m sending it right away,” then hang up and don’t call back (at least for some time)
  • Suppose you are completing a lengthy, intricate form and need assistance tallying information. After asking a few persuading questions, continue asking the date until they understand.
  • Explain that you’ve been hiding the fact that you’re a published author, and that you already feel bad for not revealing this information until now. Ask them to examine your work and provide feedback, and provide a random PDF file.
  • You may really utilize the aforementioned approach repeatedly by apologizing for providing the incorrect file and sending further files of the same type.