It has been one year since the publication of the box office smashes KGF 2. Nationwide audiences adored Yash for his impressive portrayal of Rocky Bhai. Surprisingly, there has been no news about his next project since KGF 2.

Shankar or Narthan are rumored to direct Yash’s next film. Yash promised to announce a project signing.

Hindi media buzz: Yash to work with female director 2023 2

The latest rumor in Bollywood media circles is that Yash will collaborate with the Malayalam film industry female director Geetu Mohandas. Fans did not anticipate this, and this rumor did startle Yash’s devotees. According to reports, Yash was extremely delighted with the director’s script.

Notably, the Hindi film Liar’s Dice, directed by Geetu Mohandas and starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, won two national awards and several international awards.

It must be determined whether or not this news is accurate. Additionally, Yash will headline KGF 3. Will Yash work on another film before KGF 3, or will he prefer to finish the third installment first? Only time can tell.