Mo. the meat exporter. The search of Haji Zaheer’s bases resumed for the fourth day on Friday. Investigating income tax evasion has yielded substantial contributions to the team. The Investigation Branch of the NWR conducted simultaneous searches at around 20 locations in UP, Haryana, and Delhi. Suppliers are not apparent in diverse areas. Within one to two days, IT will examine and run

Evidence of crores of income tax evasion

On March 21, 2023, the Investigation Wing of the NWR Region, directed by the Higher Income Tax Director of Investigations Aman Preet Singh, conducted an investigation. The factory of Haji Zaheer was concurrently red in Aldua, Alhamad, Housing, and other bases IT has been searching continuously for four days The IT innovation group has not yet read a conclusion. Income tax evasion inputs are growing in tandem with the number of investigations One link is added after the next.

The Dubai Connection investigation team has also been located. There has been a significant scam involving out-of-province vendors. According to the Directorate of Enforcement, if the sources are accurate. Haji has sent Zaheer with a notice for economic evasion

Huge Aligarh income tax 2023 2

Investing in real estate: The truth

Things to invest in real estate are now materializing. Hundreds more businesses named after actual relatives, children, and spouses. Haji Hazir has operatedą„¤ Several real estate firms have committed capital. Also, investigators have been told of this The police have been gathering and comparing papers for four days.

Time to match inventory

It takes the investigative team the greatest time to match the stock Authorities are collecting data about the acquisition of animals, the export of meat, skins, blood, fat, and horns, among other items. In addition, overcapacity in animal harvesting is coming to the forefront On Friday, officers were traveling from the residence to the plant. There have been over fifty employee and officer statements. Considering the income tax officials, the inquiry might last between one and two days.