Even though the situation in the curfew-hit parts of Amalner in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district has crawled back to normalcy following the clash that occurred last week, the police have stated that there are over 30 accused individuals who are still on the run, including the principal accused individual.

Since the fight between the two groups began on June 9, the primary suspect, Salim Chiraguddin, also known as Salim Topi, has not been seen or heard from since. Within the past two days, there have been no reports of any unusual incidents.

Over one hundred criminal complaints have been filed, and thirty-one individuals have been detained in connection with the event.

In Maharashtra's Amalner gang dispute, 30 individuals, including major accused, remain at large 2023 2

Officials from the police department claim that Salim Topi is the primary suspect in this case and that he was the one who incited the crowd. According to several sources, the police have detained two of Salim Topi’s sons and are attempting to learn about his location from the others who have been arrested.

Salim Topi incited violence foment another site after the first.

The police have also established that Salim Topi is a local leader and that he is responsible, in the past, for cultivating an atmosphere of violence directed towards a community that constitutes the majority in the region.

In light of the seriousness of the situation, the police have now assembled a specialized squad with the mission of apprehending the primary suspect. In addition, members of the Alamner Police Department’s criminal division are conducting searches at other locations in an effort to find him.

Sunil Nandwalker, who holds the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), recently told India Today that the authorities are looking for the culprits. “The local crime branch has also been brought into the investigation. ” “We are certain that we will be able to apprehend all of the perpetrators in the near future,” he stated.