Black Mass, an anticipated murder thriller, will be Devanny Pinn’s first film as a director. Pinn is well known for her work as an actor in Hollywood.

‘Black Mass,’ a forthcoming murder thriller, will mark Devanny Pinn’s first time behind the camera. Pinn is most known for her work in Hollywood films. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a publication that is headquartered in the United States, the film “Black Mass” was inspired by true events and takes place over the course of twenty-four hours in Florida during the winter of 1978, when a serial murderer was following college ladies across the state.

The film will be directed by Devanny Pinn, and the screenplay will be written by Chris Brew and Jordan Gouveia. Lew Temple, known for his role on “The Walking Dead,” will star in it, along with Jeremy London, Lisa Wilcox, and Michelle Romano, who will also serve as producers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the following actors will also be contributing to the cast: Kathleen Kinmont, Eva Hamilton, Chelsea Gilson, Jenny Wenger, Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Andrew Sykes, Jennifer Lynn Warren, and Susan Lanier. There is absolutely no connection between this movie and the gangster drama picture starring Johnny Depp that was released in 2015 under the same name.

Cleopatra Entertainment is the distributor of the film “Black Mass,” which was produced by Pinn’s Jaguar Motion Productions and Roman Media. “I want to express my appreciation to Cleopatra for the chance they’ve given me to helm my very first feature film for them. They continue to show support for both myself and independent artistic endeavors “according to The Hollywood Reporter, Pinn was quoted as saying.

The performances that Devanny has given in movies such as “Battle For Saipan,” “Frost,” “The Dawn,” “Bus Party To Hell,” “House of Manson,” “Dead Sea,” and “Cross Breed” have made her a well-known actress.