The IPL 2023 has arrived, and the anticipation is palpable. As a consequence, Fantasy Cricket has become popular, with Dream11 at the forefront. Setting up a Dream11 account is the initial step for those who are new to the world of fantasy cricket.

Know how to create IPL Dream 11 team with this beginner’s step-by-step guide.

IPL 16: Dream11 team creation? Beginners' tutorial 2023 2

For verification purposes, you must submit your PAN card and bank account information in order to withdraw money from your wallet into your bank account. Creating your Fantasy XI team is the next stage, but knowing the game’s rules is essential if you want to earn the most points.

Log in to your account and select a match from the current or forthcoming cricket

tournaments to begin using Dream11 Fantasy Cricket. Consider your knowledge, expertise, and judgment when selecting players who you believe will play a crucial role in scoring points. Every cricket team you create on Dream11 must contain 11 players, with a maximum of seven players from any one real-life team.

You must select at least one wicket-keeper, three to five batsmen, one to three all-rounders, and three to five spinners with a budget of 100 credits. All participants should have a total of 100 credits.

From the many options provided by Dream11, you can select the optimal participant combinations for the match. For each contest, you can create and join competitions with up to 11 teams, so try out various lineups to increase your odds of victory.

After choosing your team, you must choose the team’s commander and vice-captain. In the actual game, the vice-captain receives 1.5 times as many points as the captain, while the captain receives 2 times as many points. There can be up to five teams created for a single contest.

Use this simple, step-by-step method to build a winning IPL Dream 11 squad.

The cost of a participant is measured in credits, which vary based on their talent level and shape. Actual competitors earn fantasy points based on their performance in a game. In cricket, points are awarded for runs scored, wickets taken, and other actions of a similar nature; in football, points are awarded for goals scored, assists made, and other actions of a similar nature.

Prior to the contest deadline, you may edit your team as often as you like. To view all of your created teams, navigate to My Teams on the match page. Utilizing the Player Info, Teams Selected By (% Sel By), and Tour Points on the Create Team tab, you can determine the successful combination.