The anticipation for the upcoming sequel to Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara” is strong, and the production of the film is scheduled to begin on August 27 of this year, according to various reports. The second portion will likewise be mounted on a huge scale when it is finally completed.

It has been reported that Rishab Shetty has completed the script for the next film “Kantara 2,” which, despite its name, would play out more like a prequel to the first movie than a sequel.

The actor and the director made it clear that everything the audience has seen up to this point is actually Part 2, and that Part 1 is scheduled to be out the following year.

Does Rishab Shetty’s ‘Kantara 2’ start filming on August 27?

When Shetty was filming “Kantara,” he got the idea for the prequel because he was motivated to investigate the deeper background of the narrative. This led to the creation of the prequel.

Is August 27 the start date for Rishab Shetty's "Kantara 2"? 2023 2

According to our sources, the production staff of ‘Kantara’ is now conducting significant study in order to learn more about the subtleties of the story’s plot.

Fans are anxiously anticipating the upcoming part, which promises to provide additional insight on the interesting world of ‘Kantara,’ but precise information regarding the film is still being kept under wraps for the time being.

Earlier, the producers of the film ‘Kantara’ provided an update on the status of the sequel by posting a statement on their official Twitter handle.

The tweet read: “On this auspicious occasion of Ugadi & New Year, we are delighted to announce that the writing for the second part of #Kantara has begun. We hope you will join us in celebrating this joyous occasion.”

We can’t wait to captivate you with yet another narrative that explores the connection that humans have with the natural world. Keep an eye out for more developments, okay?