Thursday evening in the southeastern province of Okinawa, the Black Hawk helicopter of the Japanese army abruptly disappeared from the radar. This helicopter was embarking on a mission with a crew of ten. The abrupt disappearance of the Japanese military helicopter from radar has caused a commotion.

According to a military spokesman and media reports, a Japanese military helicopter with 10 personnel on board disappeared from radar Thursday near an island in the southern province of Okinawa. The official stated without further detail that the plane disappeared around 4.30 p.m. (0730 GMT). The Ground Self-Defense Force is evaluating the situation and gathering data.

The helicopter was scheduled to return in one hour but abruptly vanished.

Japanese army Black Hawk chopper with 10 crew members vanished 2023 2

The helicopter belonged to the military in the southern Kumamoto region, according to the public broadcaster NHK. According to NHK, it was scheduled to return after an hour’s voyage, having departed Miyako Island, Okinawa, just before 4:00 p.m.

PM Kishida stated the following

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters in a brief statement, “Saving the lives of those on board is our highest priority.”

Japanese army Black Hawk chopper with 10 crew members vanished 2023 3

Black Hawk grounded in the United States.

A couple of days ago, two military Black Hawk helicopters plummeted 48 kilometers from Fort Campbell in Kentucky, United States. 9 individuals seated in it were slain. According to Fort Campbell spokesman Nondis Thurmane, the incident occurred on the evening of March 29. It was a standard training exercise. Let us tell you that on March 29, two HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters took off in the evening. These were the 101st Airborne Division helicopters. However, both planes collided in Trigg County, 48 kilometers from Fort Campbell.

Two helicopters went down

Please explain that there were five personnel seated in a helicopter. Contrary to the other four. The downed helicopter landed in a field a short distance from a residential area. Black Hawk helicopters are the most vital aircraft for the United States military. It can be utilized for missions such as assault, transport, medical evacuation, and search and rescue. The United States employed them the most during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.