Jimin, a member of the K-pop group BTS, recently said in a YouTube video that he felt “lost and depressed” while filming the music video for his hit single Let Me Free Pt.2. He also revealed that his calorie restriction to maintain a specific weight exacerbated his unhappiness during this time.

Jimin was ‘lost and depressed’

“Let Me Free Pt.2 was written when I felt lost and despondent. This song expresses my will to conquer such sentiments. I believe I also intended to convey this feeling through the dancing. In this way, the choreography became really aggressive. But, my coworkers are doing an excellent job. Jimin states in a video uploaded on YouTube on March 21 by BangtanTV that he is the only person he should be concerned about.

In the eleven-minute-and-thirty-second-long Set Me Free Pt.2 MV Shoot Sketch behind-the-scenes video, the singer discusses the foods he craved while filming Set Me Free Pt.2. Jimin can also be seen conversing with background dancers about the music video’s choreography.

Jimin also reveals that he wrote down the names of the foods he craved every night before going to bed. “It’s difficult to maintain my weight inside the 50 kg range, but I’m getting used to it. Before going to bed each night, I record what I want to consume the following day. Yesterday I wrote, Kalguksu, Daechang, and Ramyeon. I yearned for something hot. I cannot remember the last time I had Tteokbokki. Kalguksu with kimchi sounds really amazing,” he says in the video, shot at the time he was filming for the music video of Set Me Free Pt.2.