In the upcoming installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Johnny Depp may return.

Depp has been the face of the movie as Captain Jack Sparrow despite spending a lot of years in the Hollywood wilderness due to legal issues with ex-wife Amber Heard. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer behind the swashbuckling blockbuster series, has reportedly suggested that Johnny Depp may reprise his role in a sixth Pirates film.

Bruckheimer was on the Oscars red carpet this week for his work on Top Gun: Maverick, and during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he stated that he would “love” for Depp to reprise his role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Bruckheimer responded, “We’re all working on it [the next Pirates film]” when asked what he could reveal about the forthcoming film in the Disney-owned franchise. We’ll see how things turn out. We’re ecstatic, I believe we’ll have a fantastic screenplay soon, and we’re getting close.”

When pressed for further information on Depp’s possible comeback, he responded, “We’ll see. I would be thrilled. I would love to have him in the film, and that is all I can say.”

Last year, Depp and Heard concluded their protracted court dispute, in which both parties accused the other of domestic assault. The court case concluded with

This was much less than the $8.35 million she was sentenced to pay Johnny Depp in June for slander. The trial was one of the most discussed events of the summer, with Heard and Depp appearing in a Fairfax County, Virginia courtroom.

With the conclusion of the trial, Depp has returned to the limelight. His musical endeavors have recently been making news. Depp, who performed with famed guitarist Jeff Beck, a personal friend, on multiple occasions before Beck’s death earlier this year, is now planning a final homage to his old pal.

Eric Clapton will organize two special gigs including Johnny Depp in remembrance of Beck. The performances are scheduled on May 22 and 23 at the Royal Albert Hall and will “honor the legacy and talent” of Beck, who died suddenly on January 10 at the age of 78.