The Bollywood actress Kajol has stated that she is “facing one of the toughest trials” and has announced that she would be taking a sabbatical from social media. On Friday, Kajol removed all of her photos from Instagram and archived them, which indicates that she has momentarily concealed them from view.

She just has one post, and it says, “Facing one of the toughest trials of my life.” You can only find her here. She penned the following phrase for the picture’s caption: “

Taking a break from social media.” It is unknown why she has decided to take a vacation; however, supporters believe that she is doing so as part of a promotional plan for her future movie titled “The Good Wife.”

Kajol Takes a Break from Social Media

Kajol Takes Social Media Break, Writes 'Facing One Of The Toughest Trials Of My Life' 2023 2

Despite this, many others shown their support for the actress. “I am sending all of my love your way. Take your time. One of them responded, “We will be here.”

Another person emailed me, saying, “Waiting for your comeback.” One of them declared their love for the other and stated, “We love you.” Someone else used it, and they dubbed it “You are my best motivation.”

Kajol has a part as a lawyer in the Indian adaption of “The Good Wife,” which is named “The Good Wife – Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka.” CBS Studios, along with Scott Free Productions and King Size Productions, were responsible for the creation of the first season of ‘The Good Wife’ series.