On 14 April 2023, the ‘Rocky Bhai typhoon debuted in theaters. On this date, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ was released in theaters. The shredding film had broken all box office records, garnering smoke In addition, supporters were impatient to see the continuation of the narrative in “KGF Chapter 3.” Since then, fans have eagerly anticipated the third installment.

Now there is some positive news for such hopeless admirers The filmmakers of this Prashant Neil-helmed film have posted a Twitter video of a very intriguing scene.

All of ‘Rocky Bhai’s’ holdings were shown in a 3-minute clip.

KGF 3: Monster's whole year, Makers displayed in 3-minute film the entire empire of 'Rocky Bhai' 2023 2

Twitter trending on #KGF3 This hashtag, ‘Rocky Bhai,’ is being used to share videos of Yash. Users also shared a screenshot of the film’s final scene, in which the line ‘This vow will endure’ appears on the screen. Also, admirers assert that KGF 3’s Climax will be the most explosive yet, which the audience could not have predicted.

Unique video prior to KGF3

One year has passed since the publication of Homblay Films’ ‘KGF Chapter 2’ Creators shared a video with the caption, “He came, he saw, he won.”
A year ago, #KGFChapter2 took us on an endless journey of Breathtaking action, Intense emotion, and Larger Debtors. The movie’s release was nothing short of a festival for admirers.

“KGF3” will arrive

Fans are eagerly anticipating ‘KGF3’ This is because the story will begin where it left off.Rocky enters the water in the film ‘KGF2’. Now, viewers want to know whether Rocky’s sibling is still alive or if the game has ended. Presently engaged with ‘KGF’ director Prashant Nil Prabhas and the ‘Salar’ film After this movie, he will begin working on “KGF3.” Fans will have to patiently wait until then