After Krafton announced the return of BGMI last week, the company has now announced that Android users will be able to acquire the fan-favorite battle royale game today.

Even though some individuals were still able to install the game prior to this announcement, BGMI can now be directly searched for on the Google Play Store.

Existing users of the game may have received an update. According to Krafton, this is part of the “preload process.”

Krafton announces BGMI’s Play Store Comeback 2023 2

No servers till May 29. iOS users can download the game then.

With this update, BGMI is nearly on par with its global counterpart, PUBG Mobile. It contains the Nusa 11 map, new events, a new Cycle Season, and the Stygian Liege X suit.

Recall that BGMI was prohibited in India last July due to security concerns, severely impacting the industry’s viewership and revenue. Last week, however, the prohibition was lifted, and the Indian gaming community erupted in joy at the return of their favorite battle royale game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, abbreviated as BGMI, is a variant of PUBG Mobile that complies with Indian government regulations. The game has already surpassed 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and its popularity is expected to increase in the months ahead.

According to some reports, the updated version of the game will comply with additional rules and regulations imposed by the Indian government, such as the imposition of playtime restrictions and the elimination of blood effects, but this has not yet been confirmed.