The crew behind this year’s Oscars has revealed how Lady Gaga came to sing at the ceremony on Sunday night.

This year, Gaga was nominated for her third Oscar Award for Hold My Hand, her contribution to the Top Gun: Mavericks soundtrack.

Due to her duties filming the upcoming Joker sequel Folie A Deux, producers informed last week that the Oscar winner will not be performing at this year’s ceremony.

Nevertheless, the Bad Romance singer soon had a change of heart and gave a surprise stripped-down performance of Hold My Hand during the live broadcast while wearing a t-shirt, ripped jeans, and minimum makeup.

Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss stated to The Hollywood Reporter after the Oscars that they did not believe Lady Gaga would perform until the eleventh hour.

Ricky clarified, “Glenn stated truthfully on Wednesday that Gaga would not perform.” Then, on Thursday and Friday, the situation altered.

He said, referring to Gaga’s change of heart, “She truly wanted to accomplish something. There was no deception involved in the production of her film.

“On Thursday afternoon, she texted us saying she wanted to try something, didn’t have time to put up a major show, but wanted people to see the genuine Gaga, and with a voice like her, you don’t need much else.”

In a separate interview with Variety, Oscars producer Molly McNearney stated that the crew had “accepted” the reality that Lady Gaga would not be performing prior to her ultimate change of heart.

Molly stated, “The irony is that she didn’t have much time to consider it and just committed a day or two before the concert; otherwise, I’m not sure she would have done anything so simple.” It was quite memorable.

Molly also disclosed a few other last-minute adjustments to the programme, including the elimination of certain “harder” jokes regarding Will Smith.