At the F1 Australian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton pondered on his relationship with former physiotherapist Angela Cullen, who departed his inner circle this year.

Earlier this season, prior to Friday practice in Saudi Arabia, Hamilton revealed through Instagram that Cullen would be departing her post after seven years.

Cullen was a crucial member of Hamilton’s staff, frequently seen carrying his helmets or aiding him during F1 race weekends.

Although sharing identical “loyalty” tattoos, the duo remained a strong friendship.

In an interview with Sky Sports prior to this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix – the second race Hamilton will compete in without Cullen – the seven-time world champion confirmed that they are still in constant communication.

“Angela is now living her life,” he remarked. “She has so many plans for what she wants to do. We communicate virtually every day. We will continue to skydive as a group. We will always be a part of each other’s life.

“We are stuck with each other, for better or worse!” We have been through adversity. I am glad for the quality of our relationship. I would say we have one of the longest connections in the sport.

“I am quite grateful for her, and I adore her. I believe one of the guys, Stevo, who has been with me since my first race with McLaren, is now also assisting me.”