In 2008, Lewis Hamilton won his first world title following a spectacular title duel with Felipe Massa that came down to the wire. Nonetheless, Hamilton encountered obstacles on his way to his maiden championship, including a terrible pit stop at his first major test, the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton’s six-word answer to pit-stop disaster.

After receiving a grid penalty prior to the Sepang race, Hamilton rapidly surged up in an effort to earn critical points. The race was lost early on owing to a horrific first pit stop that halted the McLaren driver for 20 seconds.

The delay was caused by a problem removing the front right tire, with technicians arguing feverishly on lap 19 to remove the rubber. The event occurred mere months after Hamilton lost the 2007 championship at the season’s last race.

Despite the failures, Hamilton maintained his composure, which was indicative of his real attitude. He stated to ITV Sport, “I could need a drink.”