Day of Global Oral Health 2023

Every year on March 20, the world celebrates World Oral Health Day in an effort to raise awareness about the significance of oral health. The purpose of Oral Health Day is to encourage individuals to practice excellent oral hygiene, care for their teeth, and learn how to prevent dental diseases. 75% of the world’s population suffers from permanent tooth caries, while 514 million children have primary tooth caries, according to a WHO research.

The theme for World Oral Health Day in 2023

Every year, the World Dental Federation (FDI) creates a campaign with a specific subject for World Oral Health Day. Be Proud of Your Mouth is the topic for 2023, as it has been for the previous three years. The FDI initiated the campaign in 2021.

March 20th is International Oral Health Day 2023 2

The significance of World Oral Health Day 2023

The primary objective of World Oral Health Day is to raise awareness among individuals who suffer from or manage oral disorders. It is considered that poor dental hygiene has detrimental consequences on an individual’s emotional, social, mental, and physical health.

The purpose of this day is to educate individuals on the significance of keeping excellent oral hygiene, which may help avoid ailments such as tooth decay, gum disease, and foul breath. It is important to note that poor oral health can also contribute to serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, strokes, and breathing difficulties.

World Oral Health Day: A Historical Perspective

World Oral Health Day was inaugurated by the FDI International Dental Federation on September 12, 2007 as World Oral Health Awareness Day. Nevertheless, in 2013, the FDI, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), designated March 20 as World Oral Health Day.

The objective of the day is to increase awareness about the significance of oral health and encourage excellent oral hygiene. The FDI and the WHO acknowledged that oral health is frequently ignored, and that many individuals are unaware of the influence it has on their entire health and well-being.

Since its inception, World Oral Health Day has been observed yearly in more than one hundred nations throughout the globe. The day has served to raise awareness of the significance of oral health and encouraged people to embrace healthy oral hygiene habits. The FDI and WHO continue to collaborate to expand worldwide access to oral healthcare services and to promote oral health