A right-wing group went to the Delhi High Court on Friday to ask that offensive scenes in the movie “Adipurush” involving figures like Ram, Sita, Ravana, and Hanuman be taken out or fixed.

The movie, which was directed by Om Raut, came out everywhere on Friday. The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) says that the characters in the movie are different from how they are portrayed in the epic ‘Ramayana’.

The PIL, which was filed by ‘Hindu Sena’ President Vishnu Gupta, also questions the film’s approval under the Cinematograph Act of 1952. The director, producers, and official parties are named as respondents.

The petitioner says that the movie “hurts the feelings” of Hindus by showing religious figures in “an inaccurate and inappropriate way” that goes against what authors like Maharishi Valmiki and Saint Tulsidas wrote about them.

PIL Against Adipurush in Delhi HC for Misrepresenting Ravan and Hanuman 2023 2

PIL Against Adipurush in Delhi High Court

The petition says that the way figures like Ravana (played by Saif Ali Khan) and Hanuman are shown in the movie has nothing to do with Indian culture.

“The bearded look of Ravana’s character in the movie, played by Saif Ali Khan, hurts the feelings of the Hindu community because the Hindu Brahmin Ravana is shown making a horrifying face in the wrong way, which is an insult to Hindu culture, Hindu religious figures, Hindu idols, Hindu ideals, etc.,” the petition says.

The letter also says that the “inaccurate” portrayal of Hindu religious characters in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayana” has drawn criticism and anger from people all over the country, including artists who have played these characters.

“The hairstyle, beard, whiskers, and way of dressing, as well as how they look, are well described in those epics. The petition says that any change to these pictures by the film’s creators, directors, or stars would hurt the feelings of worshipers, devotees, and religious beliefs.

Ram, Sita, and Ravan are played by Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, respectively.