Madhya Pradesh’s Lokayukta police raided a Bhopal woman assistant engineer’s home for excessive assets. She had a Rs 30 lakh TV, many foreign breed pets, and 10 expensive automobiles.

Hema Meena, the MPPHC’s contract assistant engineer in-charge, earned Rs 30,000 per month.

Officials said she had 232% disproportionate assets, meaning the engineer should have earned Rs 18 lakh instead of Rs 30,000.

Rs 30 lakh smart TV, foreign breed dogs, expensive automobiles found during a search on lady engineer 2023 2


Lokayukta DSP Sanjay Shukla said Hema Meena was accused of having excessive assets in 2020. An inquiry followed the complaint, and the raid was executed on Thursday.

Raid sequence

The Lokayukta’s SPE raided her home with 50 plain-clothed officers. The guards prevented them. The Lokayukta police informed the guards they were from animal husbandry.

They also checked the bungalow’s solar panels.

The squad discovered Hema Meena inside the residence. She was held in a room. The crew raided after taking her phone.

Rs 30 lakh smart TV, foreign breed dogs, expensive automobiles found during a search on lady engineer 2023 3

What was found?

Hema Meena resides in a 40-room home on her father’s 20,000 square feet of property in Bilkhiriya, Bhopal. It will cost above Rs 1 crore. Her farm residence also included almost 50 foreign breed dogs, including Pitbull and Dobermann, valued lakhs.

60–70 mixed-breed cows were found.

The lady engineer used a walkie-talkie to communicate with her coworkers and superiors in the vast home. Lokayukta cops took the walkie-talkie.


The police uncovered a Rs 2.50 lakh roti-making equipment in her home. The machine made dog food rotis.

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Smart TV, Vehicles Seized

Hema Meena’s home was lavish. Her chamber yielded a Rs 30 lakh smart TV. The TV was boxed and unused. In addition to the TV, the engineer’s house yielded 10 luxury cars, including two lorries, one tanker, and a Mahindra Thar.


Hema Meena is a divorcee from Raisen’s Chapna village. 2011 saw her contracting. She is MPPHC’s assistant engineer-in-charge.


Lokayukta police found lakhs of housing board equipment in Hema Meena’s rural residence. Also taken were lakhs of agricultural equipment, pricey booze, and cigarettes.

The farm home had a dairy farm.

Officers may be involved. Investigation continues.