According to the authorities in Kyiv, Russia fired missiles and drones at several locations around Ukraine in the early hours of Saturday.

These attacks resulted in the deaths of three people in the city of Odesa, which is located on the Black Sea, and caused damage to a military base in the Poltava area.

The assaults were the most recent in a series of nighttime strikes that Russia has ramped up as Kyiv prepares to launch a substantial counteroffensive.

Russia has done this in response to Kyiv’s preparations to launch a significant counteroffensive. An other victim of the attacks in the northeastern part of the Kharkiv area was a 29-year-old man, according to the officials.

According to the Air Force, the assaults were carried out with the assistance of eight ground-launched missiles and thirty-five strike drones. According to the report, air defense troops were successful in shooting down 20 approaching drones in addition to two cruise missiles.

“Debris from one of the drones fell onto a high-rise apartment, causing a fire,” Natalia Humeniuk, the spokesperson for the southern military command, stated in reference to the attack on Odesa. “As a result of the air fight,” she said. “a fire was started.”

Russia hits various Ukraine sites, killing many 2023 2

Several killed as Russia hits various targets across Ukraine

According to footage that was made public by the military, firefighters worked tirelessly throughout the night to extinguish the blaze that had broken out in the apartment building that was located in a residential neighborhood of the city.

According to a photographer for Reuters, the light of the morning revealed a gaping hole in the ground that was several meters wide and was located near to the destroyed building and a children’s playground.

According to Humeniuk, the fire was quickly extinguished, but sadly, three persons were killed. According to the emergency services, at least 27 additional persons, including three children, were injured in the incident.

According to the regional governor, Russia also launched drones as well as ballistic and cruise missiles into the Poltava area, which caused “some damage of infrastructure and equipment” at the Myrhorod military base.

A man in his thirties was injured and the governor of the province, Oleh Synehubov, was killed when ten drones targeted two different parts of the Kharkiv region, which is located in eastern Ukraine and shares a border with Russia.

According to the governor of the region, Serhiy Lysak, the Ukraine shot down two drones that were flying over the Dnipropetrovsk area, although there were no reports of damage.